Ben Johnson

I’m an engineer and founder living in New York City. I’m currently cooking up something new. If you’re an ambitious builder looking for something new, reach out!

In 2016, I co-founded Timber, a logging SaaS, where we developed Vector, a popular open-source project that is widely used by engineering teams at organizations like Apple, NASA, and Hashicorp. Vector was acquired by Datadog in 2020, where it’s the backbone of Datadog’s Observability Pipelines product. Earlier, in 2007, I co-founded Concierge Live, an enterprise SaaS that tracked the usage of corporate event tickets. While working on Concierge Live I created Authlogic and Searchlogic, which some may recall from the early days of Ruby.

Along with Zach Sherman, my co-founder at Timber, I invest through

Outside of work, I enjoy biking, running, swimming, and anything outdoors. Participating in triathlons is a hobby of mine.



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